Call for Content

Take center stage, manage a workshop or organize a debate at the most attended FM event in Europe.

This year, the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam is the venue for our inspiring event. It’s an extraordinary location at the waterfront with a rich history in the harbor industry. For 2 days the renovated industrial building will be the center of Facility Management in Europe.

IFMA and FMN, the Dutch association for Facility Management join forces for a one-off special event combining World Workplace Europe and the 2nd edition of Facility for Future, an initiative of FMN.

Bringing World Workplace Europe 2019 to Amsterdam is a unique opportunity to link the international context of our profession with national relevance. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn, to discuss and share best practices of Facility Management in a wonderful ambiance.

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As an exceptional venue, The Kromhouthal allows us to organize our event in a very creative setting. Four areas will be used for a dedicated purpose:

  • The auditorium:
    • traditional presentation setting,
    • possibly supported by presentation
    • Set-up: stage and chairs
  • The creative lab:
    • area for workshops/ateliers
    • focus on strong interaction with audience
    • possibly supported by presentation, flipcharts, brown papers
    • Set-up: round tables and chairs or more creative setting to encourage interaction
  • The club
    • area for debates and panel discussions
    • central table with participants walking/sitting around it
  • The pitch
    • area where innovative FM related start-ups can pitch their concepts


This year we want to emphasize the importance of collaboration between all stakeholders within the Built Environment and FM in particular. The necessity to collaborate with users, suppliers, other departments like HR or Finance and all actors in the Built Environment, across borders, and with the outside world in general, gives many opportunities and a lot of inspiration to cover this topic.

Content proposals should be submitted in either English (preferably) or Dutch and the actual presentation/content at the conference should be in one of these languages as well.

Please review the abstract submission process and steps PRIOR to submitting your abstract.

Abstract Submission Process (.pdf)

Submission Deadline: 23 November

The final selection will be communicated by 7 December.