Call for Content

This year’s conference theme will be ‘Future for Facilities’.

What will the future of and for FM bring? What are the trends we are seeing today and what are the discussions we should be having? Where does the future of facilities lie? What are the risks and the opportunities? Can we learn from the past and what developments of other disciplines can help us? What is the impact of climate change? What type of work environment do new generations want? What does the research say kind of research do we want in the upcoming time?

Submission deadline:

8 November 2019

Submission options:

  • Submit a presentation
    • Traditional presentation setting 
    • Possibility to project slides/show video
    • Location at conference: Auditorium A
    • Set-up: Stage + chairs (+/-150 pers)
    • 20 min + 10 min Q&A and switch sessions or 50 min + 10 min Q&A and switch sessions
  • Submit an idea for a workshop
    • Focus on strong interaction with audience 
    • Possibility to project slides/show video/use flipcharts/brown papers
    • Set-up: creative setting to encourage interaction 
    • Submit the leader of the workshop
    • Location at conference: Creative lab 
    • Set-up: creative setting to encourage interaction (+/- 90 pers)
    • 50 min + 10 min Q&A and switch sessions
  • Submit an idea for a panel discussion
    • Focus on the area for debates and panel discussions
    • Location at conference: The Club
    • Set-up: central stage with a table/chairs with participants sitting around it (+/- 90 pers)
    • Submit participants to the panel discussion
    • 50 min + 10 min Q&A and switch sessions
  • Submit your research 

1 IFMA/FMN have the right to refuse or add any participants to any panel discussion.

Submission of your abstract – process

Prepare an abstract and indicate how you want to share your know-how and experience in Facility Management considering the following elements: 

Relevance of the topic to the FM industry

Topics can range from subjects around real estate, building and portfolio management, space and workplace management, hard and soft services, technology, sustainability and financial management, as well as the interrelations between them. 

Relevance of the topic to the ‘Future for Facilities’ theme

The topic/content of the abstract should have a clear link to the general theme. 

Quality of the content

Your description of content should provide tangible references to sources used and your own experience. It should clearly explain the topics addressed and their relevance.

Background of the speakers

We invite speakers from all professional backgrounds, such as FM practitioners, demand management representatives, professionals from the built environment, researchers, service providers and research representatives, as well as real estate, HR, IT and finance. Your profile description should display relevant experience and/or knowledge around the subject presented.

Presentation/moderating skills

The talent and experience to speak for larger audiences, and in case of a workshop or debate, the skill to moderate and entertain a group of people, is valued.

As all the sessions will be in English it is important that the level of English of the speaker(s) is good. 

When presenting slides, these need to support the content, be visually attractive and easy to read for the audience. This is very important when it comes to presenting research.  Please use the World Workplace Europe format which will be provided to you if your submission is accepted.

Creative approach

We encourage speakers, workshop and debate organizers, to have a creative approach on the topic they want to cover. 

All sessions should take 25 + 5 min questions or 45 min + 5 min. Please mention the duration of your session. 

Also indicate the format you prefer: 

  • Plenary session
  • Workshop 
  • Panel discussion 
  • Present research 

A content board will evaluate all proposals. Based on the criteria (see Submission of your abstract process), a shortlist of submissions will be asked to send in a 1 min video where they pitch their presentation, workshop or debate. 

The final selection will be communicated by December 6th, 2019.

Conditions speakers

Per selected session, only one speaker will be granted free access to the conference for the day of his/her session. Any additional speakers will be required to pay a reduced entrance fee for the day. 

If a speaker would also like to attend the conference on the day, he/she is not speaking, the speaker will be required to pay a reduced entrance fee for this day. 

When submitting an abstract, the speaker needs to be identified by the submitter. If this submission is accepted and the speaker is prohibited to join the conference on the day of his/her session, the session will be cancelled. No replacement speakers will be allowed without the consent of the organization. 


Submission Opens
September 27, 2019
Submissions Due November 8, 2019
Submitter Notification December 6, 2019
Presentation Upload March 1, 2020